About us

Astercon Group is one of the main real estate developers on the Moldovean market, with extensive experience in the construction and development of residential real estate projects.

Astercon manages, controls and personally overwatches, through its team of professionals the entire process of developing its real estate projects, in all their execution phases, from the framing of the architectural project to the completion of the apartments and their handing to clients.

In this way, Astercon ensures the implementation of high quality standards in all its projects as well as respecting the commitments assumed by its clients.

3 Reasons to work with us


Qualified construction staff. Astercon responds professionally to the ever-diversified demands of its customers.


We offer complete design, architecture and execution services regardless of the type or size of the work.

The experience

Regardless of the type of construction, our experience is the guarantee of finalizing your project in the best conditions.

From the beginning Astercon has been forced into the civil construction market as an entrepreneur able to satisfy fully, consciously and qualitatively, the requirements of the national market.
Thus, to date, our company has managed to adapt and develop, offering its clients quality and time, implementing new and cost-effective technologies to meet expectations, impressing them with new ideas beyond expectations and ultimately realizing each family's dream of having their own home.
Finished projects

To convince the public about Astercon's capabilities, respect and success, not only with words, but also with real facts.

For example, in the course of its work, our company managed to remark through works such as: